Chatbot Embed URL

Adding your Gravity Bot enabled form to your WordPress website.

In order to properly show your Chatbot, you first need to add your Chatbot Enabled Form to a new WordPress Page or Post. This new page will be used as the "Chatbot Embed URL" inside your Chatbot settings tab and is required in order for your Chatbot to function.

The Chatbot Embed URL page should be a "standalone" page. ie. We highly recommend creating a new page without any other elements or sections. This page does not need to be crawlable or indexable to search engines.

  1. To add a new page from your WordPress admin hover over Pages > then click Add New. (see screenshot)

2. To create your new standalone Chatbot Embed URL page for your Chatbot enabled form, there are 4 steps:

  • Give your Chatbot page a title.

  • Add your Chatbot enabled Gravity Form.

  • In the advanced tab enable ajax.

  • Click publish

Once the page has been published you can then update the Chatbot Embed URL inside your Chatbot settings.

See also How to build.

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